Project MORE: Mentoring Others for Reading Excellence


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Project MORE strives to not only teach our youth to read but to help them find a friend, confidant, and a mentor.


We take a personal approach to helping kids to read and write…


We take a person approach to helping kids write…


We take a personal approach…

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Project MORE

Project MORE, Mentoring in Ohio for Reading Excellence, is an evidence based reading research volunteer reading mentoring project for students with disabilities, that has demonstrated statistically significant reading results since 1999. Independent research findings consistently report students with specific learning disabilities make month for month reading level gains when they are 1:1 reading mentored four times/week for 30 minutes. Project MORE is coordinated by the Putnam County Educational Service Center. Project MORE’s mission is to help every student maximize their reading potential, no matter their ability level.

  • Ohio Achievement Assessment

    89% of Project MORE Students Passing

  • IEP Project MORE Students

    84.6% of EIP Students in the Project MORE program passed the OAA

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring

Project MORE Team

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Sandy Maas

Administrative Assistant
419-523-5951, ext. 3035
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Barbara Hochstetler

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Cindy Pennington

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Dr. Jan Osborn

Project MORE Director
419-523-5951, ext. 3002

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